Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Huckabee Endorses Clegg for Congressional Seat

New Hampshire politics has died down as of late. However the state elections coming up are going to be a hot topic. Whats new in the world of New Hampshire Politics. Former Republican Presidential Candidate Mike Huckabee is endorsing State Senator Bob Clegg who is running for New Hampshire's 2nd Congressional District seat in the House of Representatives. Huckabee made the announcement on his newly formed Political Action Committee Website, http://www.huckpac.com/

Monday, February 18, 2008

President George H. W. Bush Endorses John McCain

At a press conference in Houston today, former President George H.W. Bush endorsed John McCain for president. President Bush made the following statement on his endorsement:

"Today we are living in a time of war, a new and vastly more complex time of war. We also have more important challenges at home, chief among them, we clearly need to address those parts of our economy that demand attention. And at this critical time in history, the key point I want to make is the United States of America cannot be permitted to falter. Part of our Republican creed is a prevailing sense of duty. In the coming election, we do not have the luxury of taking a pass on our unique role and responsibilities in the world. And the indisputable fact that unites the greatest number of Republicans, most independents and many good Democrats is the fact that no one is better prepared to lead our nation at these trying times than Senator John McCain.

"As someone who also helped lead our great Party at the RNC and later as President, I believe now is the right time for me to help John in his effort to start building the broad-based coalition it will take for our conservative values to carry the White House this fall. His character was forged in the crucible of war. His commitment to America is beyond any doubt. But most importantly, he has the right values and experience to guide our nation forward at this historic moment. So I am very proud to endorse John McCain for the presidency for the United States of America. Few men walking among us have sacrificed so much in the cause of human freedom, and I am happy to help this remarkable patriot carry our Party's banner forward."

Saturday, February 9, 2008

President Clinton and Vice President Edwards


LEWISTON, MAINE -- During a town hall meeting today, Hillary Clinton opened the floor to questions and a woman, who identified herself as a former supporter of John Edwards, told Clinton she is now supporting her.

The woman said she hopes Clinton will “consider John’s policies and his fighting spirit when you get to the White House.”

Clinton, who had mentioned Edwards' work on health care in her speech (something she has not done in quite a while), told the woman she and Edwards “have a lot in common.” Clinton called Edwards a “fighter” and told the woman, “I will be a fighter and I intend to ask John Edwards to be a part of anything I intend to do in the White House.”

Edwards has not formally endorsed any candidate since dropping out late last month. But both Clinton and Barack Obama have said they intend to court his base of supporters - in fact, Obama told reporters he spoke to Edwards a few days ago but wouldn't elaborate on their conversation.

When asked whether Clinton’s comments on Edwards were calculated, her campaign denied that the reference to Edwards earlier in her speech was planned.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Romney calls it quits

Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney calls it quits. Romney is expected to suspend his campaign today. The only candidates left on the Republican side are Mike Huckabee, Ron Paul and John McCain. Romney was the latest of the Republican candidates to inject his own personal wealth into his presidential campaign. Romney invested nearly 35 Million Dollars of his personal wealth in 2007. Fox News said "Mitt Romney gave 18 million dollars of his own money to his campaign in the last three months of 2007"

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Guinta eyes Governor's seat in New Hampshire

Manchester Mayor Frank Guinta says he is considering a run for governor. The Republican says he is forming a political action committee which will allow him to raise money and explore the possibilities. Guinta says he has been approached by several people about taking his city tax cutting plans to the Statehouse. He says before making a commitment, he'll gauge his support and consider his ability to raise money and how a run would affect his family. Guinta says he'll file the paperwork to form the PAC on Monday. He's not planning a final decision for several months. Guinta most recently placed his support for Republican Rudy Giuliani in the race for the presidency.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Duncan Hunter bails out after Nevada, VIDEO!!

Statement from Duncan Hunter....

We started this campaign a year ago right here, in San Diego Harbor, against the backdrop of American Naval power. We launched a campaign emphasizing a strong national defense, enforceable borders and restoring the industrial base of America.

Today we end this campaign. The Nevada caucuses reflecting only 2% of the vote for me. I ran the campaign exactly the way I wanted to, and at this point not being able to gain traction in conservative states of Nevada and South Carolina, it's time to allow our volunteers and supporters to focus on the campaigns that remain viable.

It's time for me to gear up for 2008's defense bill that will be put together over the coming weeks. There is work to be done in the areas of troop protection and new capabilities to be deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan. And over the horizon, the emergence of Communist China as a military super power will require a new emphasis on U.S. capabilities in undersea warfare, space, and long range air-power.

The best way to maintain a new era of peace is for the U.S. to remain strong. Over the coming year I will endeavor to help craft a defense bill that meets the new security challenges.
Since our campaign began over 200,000 additional manufacturing jobs have been lost. 1.8 million jobs have left the U.S. for China. This fracturing of the U.S. industrial base is a long term threat to America. I hope that the remaining candidates will recognize it and address it. As the senior Republican on the House Armed Services Committee, I will seek to address it.
Only hours ago a border patrolman was killed in the California Desert. This tragedy emphasizes more than ever the compelling case for the completion of the border fence. Since I wrote the bill that mandates 854 miles of double border fence only a few miles have been constructed. Over the next year in Congress I will do everything in my power to get that fence built.
Finally, for Lynn and me, the campaign over the last year has shown us this: America is a wonderful country. Our people have great character and goodness, and the meeting of new friends has enriched our lives.

The failure of our campaign to gain traction is mine and mine alone. But we have driven the issues of national security, the border fence, the emergence of China and the need to reverse bad trade policy. Because of that, this campaign has been very worthwhile, and for the Hunter family, a lot of fun.

To our friends and supporters and volunteers: many thanks. And now it's time for me to focus on developing a 2008 defense bill that serves our troops and our nation.
Thanks, and God Bless America.
Duncan Hunter

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Richardson Drops Presidential Bid

Bill Richardson says he is ending his race for the Democratic presidential nomination.
As he made the announcement, the New Mexico governor praised allof his Democratic rivals, but endorsed no one. At a New Mexico newsconference, he encouraged voters to "take a long and thoughtfullook" at all of them.
Richardson is taking his name off the ballot following poorfinishes in Iowa and New Hampshire.
Still seeking the White House on the Democratic ticket are Hillary Rodham Clinton, Barack Obama, John Edwards, Mike Gravel, and Dennis Kucinich.
Edwards congratulated Richardson, saying he "ought to be proud of what he's done."

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

BREAKING NEWS: Mike Gravel in the Hospital

We have learned that former Alaskan Senator Mike Gravel is being tended too at a Veterans Hospital here in New Hampshire. Elliott Jacobson the press contact for the Gravel Campaign has confirmed that Gravel is being evaluated for possible bronchitis. Jacobson told us that he is being evaluated and todays primary plans are questionable. Jacobson believes that it comes from being overworked on the campaign trail. Gravel is 77 years old, and is a democratic candidate, his latets polling numbers in New Hampshire according to a Franklin Pierce/WBZ poll are beyond low at 0%.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Kucinich out of New Hampshire debates

Just got off the phone with a worker from the Dennis Kucinich campaign, and I was told that the Kucinich Campaign was removed from the docket for the WMUR Debates in Manchester at St. Anselm this weekend.

The Kucinich campaign was told they did not meet the standards for support that WMUR had set.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Republican Huckabee proves pundits wrong, Voters vote defensivel, Biden and Dodd call it quits after Iowa

I want to take this time to reflect on this process or what some may call a slug fest. It has been a privilege to meet folks like Mike Huckabee the winner of the Iowa Caucus, the Mitt Romney's, the Hillary Clintons, the Mike Gravel's, the Dennis Kucinichs and the John McCains, Ive been lucky! Although I have never met Barack Obama, or John Edwards it seems as if they are credible candidates.

The campaigns of Democratic winner Barak Obama and runner up John Edwards and runner up Hillary Clinton seem ready to go in New Hampshire.

I am an educated voter and thankful to be this educated about the candidates. I realized that no one cares what a naive journalist has to say; but hear me out.

I sat huddled around a television screen today; working. I was talking to the shakers and movers of politics. These folks have dealt with campaigns, have been apart of them, and have lended more than support but astronomical amounts of money and time, criticizing and promoting campaigns.

Watching today made me think about the underdogs. It doesnt take a genious to see that news media gave no respect to Mike Huckabee. Many members of the mainstream media counted out Huckabee a former governor and minister in Arkansas. Huckabee sure proves those pundits wrong, and maybe his campaign slogan should be "respect."

Over the next coming days, and weeks we will see this long journey of the primary season come to an end for many candidates and campaigns. Chris Dodd has called it quits after a long bloodshed, which way will the firefighters vote now that their guy is out? Will Dennis Kucinich or Mike Gravel be next, both posted less than 1% in Iowa. Bill Richardson reached a mere 2% in the democratic Iowa Caucus. Who are Alan Keyes and Joseph Biden? Biden is done and who knows about Keyes.

In the coming days for the New Hampshire republican primary you will see voters voting for Mike Huckabee in mass amounts and his support ratings going up quickly. After talking to New Hampshire residents, it seems that Mitt Romney and his support are falling fast. Romney's numbers are lower and support falling, just look at the latest Franklin Pierce University WBZ Poll that shows John McCain leading Mitt Romney.

Mark my words voters in the New Hampshire primary are going to vote on the defensive; voting for a candidate that has a chance to beat Mitt Romney, and give him a run for his money. Watch for Mike Huckabee and John McCain to finish 1 and 2 in New Hampshire. Voters may not have the same stance as those two candidates. But what the voters are set on is Romney NOT winning.

It might be that Romney has had a bit of change in heart on the issues, it might be that the voters like the personalities of Huckabee and McCain a bit more. One New Hampshire voter told me they liked the "bubbily sincere personality," that Huckabee possesses. Don't forget about Rudy Giuiliani he could take some of the votes away from Huckabee or McCain.

McCain and his electability ratings with numerous endorsements and the rising numbers in all New Hampshire polls including the latest Franklin Pierce poll show he is a favorite. His electability and the momentum of Mike Huckabee with his win in Iowa could prove to be a major campaign killer for Mitt Romney.

No Doubt New Hampshire could be a campaign killer for many; it will prove to be critical state.
Will a loss in New Hampshire for Clinton, or Edwards end their road? Could a loss for Romney in New Hampshire dash hopes for the republican nomination for the former Massachusetts Governor?

Check into your Primary home for all of the news commentary and analysis, www.piercemediagrouponline.com/nhprimary08

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

What topics are hot on the trail for Republicans and Democrats?

Voters were asked which three policy issues will be most important to them in deciding
who to vote for in the Republican and Democratic primary . According to R. Kelly Myers, director of RKM Res, “the war in Iraq remains a top issue, but several other domestic issues, including immigration, the economy and health care have become more important to Republican voters.” Forty-two percent of voters mentioned the Iraq war or rebuilding Iraq. Forty percent mentioned immigration, 39 percent mentioned the economy, 30 percent mentioned health care or health insurance and 28 percent mentioned taxes.

For Democrats, According to Myers, “while the war in Iraq remains the top issue, Democratic voters have begun to express more concerns about health care and the economy.” Sixty-four percent of voters mentioned the Iraq war or rebuilding Iraq and 62 percent mentioned health care or health insurance. Additionally, 35 percent of voters mentioned the economy and 23 percent mentioned education. While health care has retained its importance among Democratic voters since September, the results suggest that the Iraq situation is not as important to voters today as it was in September.

McCain the favorite, Romney falling in New Hampshire

With the 2008 New Hampshire Presidential Primary less than one week
away, Senator John McCain jumped from third place to first in the most recent poll, while
former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney follows close behind. Former mayor Rudy
Giuliani’s support dropped significantly.

In March, McCain and Giuliani were the early front-runners. Following the Republican debate on June 5th, Romney took the lead. In September, Romney maintained his lead with 30 percent of the vote, while Giuliani trailed him with 23 percent of vote and McCain registered third behind his Republican rivals (14%). Today, McCain leads with 37 percent of the vote, while Romney trails him with 31 percent of the vote. Giuliani has now dropped to a distant third behind both candidates (10%).

Although McCain receives more of the vote, many Republican voters think that Romney will ultimately win the nomination. However, 28 percent of likely primary voters are still unsure who will win, suggesting that there is still an air of uncertainty surrounding the Republican primary in New Hampshire.

It is interesting to track each candidate’s favorability rating in order to better understand
how the contest is shaping up over time. In March, Giuliani (66%) and McCain (63%)
had the highest net favorability ratings, with Romney in third place (51%). Following the
debate on June 5th, Romney rose to the top, assuming a five-point lead over Giuliani in
this category. The September poll showed that Romney maintained his lead in net
favorability (64%), with Giuliani (57%) and McCain (54%) following closely behind. The
latest results show that Romney’s (47%) and Giuliani’s (35%) net favorability both fell
around 20 points and now trail that of McCain (74%).

Clinton Leads in New Hampshire's Franklin Pierce/WBZ poll: Obama has more support of the younger crowd

RINDGE, NH – As the 2008 New Hampshire Presidential Primary approaches, Senator
Hillary Clinton maintains a narrow lead over her Democratic rivals in the latest Franklin Pierce University/WBZ TV polle, but the margin between her and her closest competitor, Barack Obama, has dwindled to just four points. In March, Clinton (32%) held a 7-point lead over Obama (25%). In June, following the Democratic debate, Clinton commanded a much larger number (38%) of Democratic primary voters than Obama (16%), a lead she maintained in September. But today, Clinton’s lead has dropped to only four points, with Clinton at 32 percent and Obama close behind at 28 percent. Notably, John Edwards support has risen from 12 percent in September to 19 percent in the current poll.

In the latest Franklin Pierce poll, it appears that Barack Obama continues to hold onto the teen vote, with 15% of his supporters coming from the 18-34 year old category the most compared to the top three democratic candidates-Clinton and Edwards with 4% of their support coming from that agre bracket.

The findings outlined in this report are based on the latest Franklin Pierce
University / WBZ Poll, conducted by RKM Research and Communication in collaboration
with faculty and student interviewers at Franklin Pierce University. The Franklin Pierce
University / WBZ Poll is sponsored by Franklin Pierce University and WBZ.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

TV Schedule features many presidential candidates

A-B-C's "This Week" -- Presidential politics; Pakistan.

C-B-S' "Face the Nation" -- Topics: The 2008 Iowa caucuses; Pakistan after the Bhutto Assassination. Guest: John Edwards, Democratic presidential candidate.

N-B-C's "Meet the Press" -- Topic: Race for the White House. Guests: Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, Republican presidential candidate; and Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., Democratic presidential candidate.

"Fox News Sunday" -- U.S. presidential elections; Bhutto assassination. Guest: Former Sen. Fred Thompson, R-Tenn., GOP presidential candidate.

"C-N-N's "Late Edition" -- Topics: Bhutto's Assassination; Iowa Caucuses, Guest: Sen. Chris Dodd, D-Conn., presidential candidate. Topics: Crisis in Pakistan; Race to 2008. Guest: Sen. Joseph Biden, D-Del., presidential candidate. Topics: Crisis in Pakistan; Presidential Politics, Guest: Sam Nunn, former Georgia Senator; and William Cohen, former Defense Secretary. Topics: Race to 2008; Iowa Caucuses. Guest: Mark Halperin, Time Magazine.

Video Posts, Huckabee, Edwards, McCain, and Craig Romney.

These are videos of Craig and Mary Romney, the son and daughter-in-law of Mitt Romney speaking at Franklin Pierce, Mike Huckabee speaks to students at Franklin Pierce University, John McCain speaks to Steven Dodrill of the Pierce Media Group aboard the Straight Talk Express, and Elizabeth Edwards talks to Dodrill at a house party in Jaffrey, NH.

Craig and Mary Romney

visit Franklin Pierce

Aboard the Straight Talk Express

with Senator John McCain

Elizabeth Edwards speaks with

the PMG in Jaffrey, NH

Gov. Mike Huckabee speaks at

Fitzwater student media press conference

Clinton McCain receive yet another endorsement in New Hampshire

Senators John McCain (R) and Hillary Clinton (D) both receive the endorsement from the Concord Monitor.

The Concord Monitor editorial board said, "Romney should not be the next president", posting that message as their editorial headline on their website.

Pindell: Granny D and her rotating presidential endorsement

If you are confused on whom you should support for president, you aren't the only one.

Doris "Granny D" Haddock is the symbol of the progressive left in New Hampshire. Her well-documented walk across the country for campaign finance reform made her a national name for the issue. Her quixotic campaign for the US Senate was the subject of a recent HBO movie.

So it is no surprise the the 97-year-old grandmother from Dublin, N.H. is a sought after endorsement for Democratic presidential candidates.

Last December she endorsed Mike Gravel. Then she campaigned twice with Dennis Kucinich this year. On Saturday the John Edwards campaign issued a press release announcing that she is endorsing him.

“In my 97 years, I have seen many politicians come and go,” said Granny D in the statement. “Now more than ever, we need a leader who has the courage, the backbone and the integrity to stand up to the corporations and special interests in Washington, to deliver universal health care and energy independence, to fight for the middle class, and to finally bring about public financing of our elections. John Edwards is that man, and I’m proud to support him in this campaign.”

Friday, December 28, 2007

Massachusetts Political Year Wrap up

Politically, the United States has been kept busy.

95.9 WATD FM's Politcal Analyst Michael Kryzanek of Bridgewater State College is busy as well, he says in Massachusetts, Electing Deval Patrick the first African American governor in the United States and in Massachusetts, and having a former governor announce his candidacy all in the same year are highlights of the year for the commonwealth.

Even more closer to home, Kryzanek says the politics you see now would not have happened 20 years ago more specifically women and minorities. The town of Weymouth just recently elected its second mayor, and first women mayor in that town.

As for the presidential election process, Kryzanek believes some people should people tired of it, here in Massachusetts the presidential primary is February 5th, a month earlier, to gain some importance in the national process.

-Steven Dodrill, Reporter/Anchor, 95.9 WATD-FM

Michael Kryzanek was heard live on WATD- FM, 95.9 in Massachusetts on December 28th, with WATD anchor Christine James.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Ron Paul competes with the TV big dogs

WASHINGTON (CNN) – Republican Ron Paul launched a new ad in Iowa and New Hampshire Wednesday that highlights the Texas congressman's biography.

"Answering our country’s call, Ron Paul became a flight surgeon in the Air Force," the narrator states in the 30-second spot, titled 'Defender of Freedom.' "As a doctor, Ron Paul delivered over 4,000 babies and is a leading defender of life. In Congress, Ron Paul never voted to raise taxes, never voted for an unbalanced budget, never voted to restrict gun rights or raise congressional pay."

The ad comes a week before Iowa holds its first-in-the-nation presidential caucuses, and roughly two weeks before New Hampshire voters head to the polls for the first primary of the 2008 campaign. The Texas congressman — whose libertarian message seems well-tailored for the Granite State – is registering single-digit support in most recent polls of GOP primary voters.

– CNN Ticker Producer Alexander Mooney

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Student media to cover New Hampshire’s First in the Nation Primary

The student-run Pierce Media Group at Franklin Pierce University will team up with the Marlin Fitzwater Center for Communication to cover the New Hampshire Primary, taking advantage of the university’s location in the Granite State.

Fitzwater Connections, the political reporting arm of the Pierce Media Group, will analyze and report on the candidates’ messages, their campaigns and the youth involved in the New Hampshire primary.

Franklin Pierce junior and Pierce Media Group Political Director Steven Dodrill of Hanson, Massachusetts will work with students from New Hampshire and Iowa on this first-of-its-kind political coverage by Franklin Pierce students.

Dodrill has been working on these plans since last school year with former Pierce Arrow newspaper Editor-in-Chief, Trent Spiner.

"I can't tell you how proud I am when reports compiled by the Pierce Media Group come up in conversation among reporters on the campaign trail or syndicated on nationally recognized websites," said Spiner, a 2007 Franklin Pierce graduate.

Dodrill believes that the hard work by the Connections staff and long hours they have put in planning will pay off.

“I’m excited for our student media to be able to get a first hand look at the role the media plays in a presidential cycle,” said Dodrill. “I am thrilled to be working with students from Wartburg College and our Franklin Pierce students to make our content recognizable, and help to put Franklin Pierce, the town of Rindge, and most importantly the Fitzwater Center on the map when it comes to politics and media.”

A joint venture between Franklin Pierce University and Wartburg College will utilize students from both New Hampshire and Iowa. Some of the students are a part of the Engaging Students: First in the Nation Program, a collaboration designed to give students the opportunity to experience the Iowa Caucus and New Hampshire Primary. Both schools used web cast technology to welcome candidates to Wartburg’s Waverly, Iowa campus and Franklin Pierce University’s Rindge, New Hampshire campus. On New Year's Day, a group of Franklin Pierce University students will journey to Waverly to work the caucuses.

In the days preceding the January 8 New Hampshire primary, the Franklin Pierce University Manchester campus will become a busy news hub for both the First in the Nation Project and the Pierce Media Group.

“We have extended invitations to candidates, campaign workers, and members of the media to visit us at the Franklin Pierce Manchester satellite campus,” said Dodrill. “We want this to be a learning experience for our student media, but we also want to learn from the candidates and the professionals, and continue what we have been doing all year - giving candidates the forum to speak.”

Monday, December 17, 2007

McCain endorsed

McCain gets support from former presidential candidates, Joe Lieberman of Connecticut.

McCain just received endorsements in Boston and Iowa from the Globe and the Des Moines Register.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Union Leader fails Journalism 101

What is a newspaper? It is what we are taught about in college, in high school and extra curricular journalism activities. I was taught that the news media are created to be a source of news, that you can trust, that is unbiased, that covers a wide array of material to attract the reader.

Why would a newspaper think of jeopardizing journalistic integrity by endorsing and siding with a candidate. It seems that the New Hampshire Union Leader failed its latest journalism course. The Union Leader is large and has a readership larger than any other paper in New Hampshire.

By endorsing a candidate you compromise the relationship between yourself and the reader that reads to find the news, and hear whats going on.

This is a disgrace that a trusted newspaper, and its editor Joe McQuaid would throw out all of its credibility to endorse a candidate.

On the Trail - '08: Union Leader supports John McCain

Huckabee trailing in the beliefs race

This quote comes from an article written by Michael Kranish of the Boston Glove in an article he wrote on December 9th, 2007....."For months, candidates with "unlimited resources looked down their collective noses at us," Huckabee said in an interview. Pundits were writing his political obituary "without even writing my birth announcement." Now, Huckabee is at the tipping point that could determine his campaign's fate. He could crash-land if voters become disenchanted as they learn more about his Arkansas record, and his rivals and the national media scrutinize his past writings and views. Or he could keep building his sudden momentum and fill what some feel is a credibility gap among the field of Republican presidential hopefuls"

Saturday, December 8, 2007

A journalist reflects on the Primary cycle, Media Coverage, and New Hampshire

On a drive from the southwest corner of New Hampshire to the southwest corner of Maine; I was amazed at some of the sites. Aside from the beautiful scenery with the snow covered mountains, iced over ponds and lakes, and snow covered trees.

As we cruise down some back roads thinking about New Hampshire, its political culture, its history and the upcoming presidential primary.

"I wonder... I must be traveling the same roads as some of these presidential candidates along the same routes they use to head to North Country." The thought of the Granite state possibly being the most influential state in the country this presidential cycle is a joy to think.

I drove by signs upon signs, some stuck in the ground, some on billboards, and even some attached to pick up trucks like you see in movies. I passed an Obama campaign office, and Then it started to snow. It was truly like the scene out of a movie. Driving through these quaint towns with snow falling adding to the previous snowfall that already existed. I saw signs reading "North Country for John Edwards," signs for Hillary Clinton, and Barack Obama. The sign I saw the most -Ron Paul!

Now I am a journalist, but it seems to me that Ron Paul is well liked by the people of New Hampshire but not covered by the mainstream media nearly as frequently as the "top tier candidates." Why is this? Is it because he is older than the Rock star or because he isn't a women running for president.

It is important to remember that each candidate could be president and each should be given the same platform. Look at Mike Huckabee he took the time and visited the small locations in the middle of the woods, visited the small house parties, and he is now right on top in Iowa and is surging forward in New Hampshire. The grassroot campaining obviously worked for the Arkansas Governor.

By focusing on the top tier candidates, and focusing on money I again stress the point that this does a dis-justice to our country, and to the people that truly care.

Edwards condemns trade policies

From the Edwards Camp....Today, on the fourteenth anniversary of NAFTA, Senator John Edwards delivered remarks condemning NAFTA and other failed trade policies that put the interests of multinational corporations ahead of the needs of working families. At a town hall meeting in Derry, New Hampshire, Edwards said that growing up in North Carolina, he saw the effects of unfair trade and failed economic policies when the mill where he and his father worked shut down. And as president, Edwards said he will give America a trade policy that puts the interests of American workers and communities at its core.

“Fourteen years ago today, the treaty creating NAFTA was signed into law,” said Edwards. “NAFTA was sold to the American people with promises that it would grow the economy and create millions of new jobs. But today, we know those promises were empty. NAFTA has actually cost us more than 1 million American jobs. NAFTA has failed Mexico and Canada too. In all three countries, it has hurt workers and families while helping corporate insiders.

“NAFTA also paved the way for a series of unfair trade deals that have helped create an American economy that is not working for American workers and families,” Edwards continued. “When I’m president, we aren’t going to judge trade deals based on government statistics or corporate bottom lines. Instead, we’re going to look at the impact of trade deals on hard-working families.”

Obama and Oprah on the trail

Barack Obama and Oprah will be at the Verizon Wireless Arena on December 9th. Obama and Oprah will be speaking at 6:00pm at The Verizon Wireless Arena at 555 Elm Street, Manchester, NH 03101

The event is free and open to the public. Tickets are required. Capacity is limited, and seating is available on a first come, first serve basis.

For tickets and for more information, please visit nh.barackobama.com or call Obama for America’s Manchester office at (603) 668-2008.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Edwards get key Iowa endorsement

Edwards will receive the endorsement of Congressman Bruce Braley (D-IA), the most senior Iowa Democrat to endorse a candidate during this campaign.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Union Leader supports John McCain

The Union Leader, New Hampshire's only statewide newspaper, has endorsed Arizona Sen. John McCain for president in the Republican primary on Jan. 8. In a front page editorial Sunday, publisher Joseph McQuaid said the newspaper doesn't agree with McCain on everything, especially his ideas on campaign finance reform. But McQuaid said the paperfound McCain's character compelling. McQuaid said McCain can be trusted to make informed decisions based on the best interests of the country. The newspaper generally favors conservative Republicans in its editorials.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Hostage Taker to be arraigned

By James Pindell, Globe Correspondent

ROCHESTER, N.H. -- The man who claimed to have a bomb and took hostages inside one of Hillary Clinton's small presidential campaign field offices yesterday will be formally charged on six criminal counts carrying with them a maximum penalty of 42 years in jail, the Rochester police said today.

Leeland Eisenberg, 46, of Somersworth, N.H., will be arraigned Monday afternoon at Rochester District Court, said Captain Paul Callaghan, a police spokesman. Eisenberg is currently being held without bail at Strafford County Jail in nearby Dover.

Sometime around noon Friday Eisenberg claimed to have a bomb strapped around his torso with duct tape. For 5 1/2 hours he held off police and demanded to speak to Clinton because he wanted her to help him get access to mental healthcare. When he surrendered, authorities discovered the devices that looked like explosives were actually road flares.

The standoff created a media firestorm. The cable news networks and the local New Hampshire ABC affiliate, WMUR-TV, devoted live wall-to-wall coverage all afternoon. Clinton, who was in the Washington area at the time, canceled all other campaign events for the day.

Four adults and an infant were at the office when Eisenberg entered. Eisenberg will be charged with four counts of kidnapping and one count each of criminal threatening and use of false explosives. All six of the charges are Class B felonies, for which the maximum penalty, exclusive of fine, is imprisonment in excess of one year but not in excess of 7 years. Federal authorities are also considering filing charges.

Callaghan said his police department had been aware for Eisenberg for approximately two years, but refused to say how, citing concerns that it would impede the criminal investigation taking place.

Eisenberg was one of 541 victims of the clergy sex abuse scandal who received payments in the landmark 2003 settlement with the Catholic church in Boston. He also has been in legal trouble over the years and spent time in a Massachusetts prison. He was due in court yesterday on a domestic violence complaint filed by his wife, who was divorcing him.

The Clinton office remained closed Saturday morning as the investigators are expected to examine the scene. The Obama office two doors down from the Clinton office was also closed, but some supporters for Obama could be seen at about noon carrying yard signs out of the office.

Friday, November 30, 2007

UPDATE: Hostage situation in Rochester, NH - Hillary Clintons campaign office

Two being held hostage in Clinton HQ

ROCHESTER, N.H. (AP) - Police say two campaign workers are being
held hostage in Hillary Clinton's campaign office in Rochester (New
State Police Major Michael Hambrook says the man is armed and is
reported to have some sort of explosive.
Clinton is not in the state today. She canceled a speech in
Virginia after learning of the incident.
Police have cordoned off the downtown area and evacuated
businesses and other campaign offices in the area.
A young woman carrying an infant ran into a nearby store in
tears, saying she had been in the campaign office when a man walked
in, opened his coat and showed them a what looked like a bomb
strapped to his chest with duct tape. She said the man let her and
her child go.
Police have set up a command post, called for the bomb squad and
are trying to communicate with the man.

Edwards releases statement regarding hostage situation

(Manchester, NH) – Senator John Edwards released the following statement this evening:

"Elizabeth and I send our thoughts and prayers to everyone involved in the ordeal in Rochester, New Hampshire today. Everyday Americans who stand up and get involved on behalf of the candidates they believe in represent the very best of our democracy, and we are praying for a swift and safe resolution to the situation in the Clinton campaign office. We send our deepest admiration to the law enforcement officials working to keep everyone safe today and our warmest thoughts to Senator Clinton and her entire staff during this difficult situation."

Hostage Situation in Rochester Hillary Clintons office

ROCHESTER, N.H. (AP) - Police say two campaign workers are being
held hostage in Hillary Clinton's campaign office in Rochester (New
State Police Major Michael Hambrook says the man is armed and is
reported to have some sort of explosive. He said the man released
some people from the office, but is holding others.
Police have cordoned off the downtown area and evacuated
businesses and other campaign offices in the area.
Witnesses are reporting that the man has some sort of device
strapped to him.

McCain commercial filmed at Franklin Pierce University

This 60 second commercial being run in New Hampshire by the John McCain campaign was filmed at Franklin Pierce University prior to a town hall event on November 18, 2007.

The parts of Senator McCain speaking were filmed in a transformed Marlin Fitzwater Center for Communication Television Studio.

Aboard the Straight Talk Express with Senator John McCain

In a speech at Franklin Pierce University on November 18th, 2007 John McCain talked about campaigning and the differences between himself and the other presidential candidates. The Arizona Senator often referred to democrat Hillary Clinton. McCain says it’s likely in his eyes; it will be Hillary Clinton who will gain the Democratic nomination.

McCain says this round of campaigning is about a matter of respect. The McCain campaign is calling this a major campaign speech, and a marquee event. The town hall meeting in front of a crowd of more than three hundred will be used in an upcoming commercial. McCain was in Boston the following day receiving what the senator calls, a key National Security Endorsement, from Thomas Keen. He also told us in an interview that he expected to spend Thanksgiving Day in Iraq.

Craig Romney turns heads at Franklin Pierce when speaking about his fathers belief in family values

In a First Families event at Franklin Pierce University in Rindge, Craig Romney the son of Presidential candidate and Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney spoke to students about his father's candidacy. Aside from strengthening the economy and Military, Romney's son says one of his father's top goals is strengthening families. Craig Romney along with his wife Mary, are traveling the State, stopping at Keene State College where they will continue campaining for Mitt.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Kucinich on CBS

I came across this video on YouTube, I wish that I had seen it on TV. I want your feelings on how the Kucinich's were treated.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Edwards responds to New Hampshire's announcement

Senator John Edwards released the following statement in response to Bill Gardner's announcement that the New Hampshire primary will take place on January 8th:

“I am pleased that New Hampshire will retain its rightful place as the first-in-the-nation primary. I applaud Bill Gardner's work to protect New Hampshire's significance in our nominating process. The New Hampshire primary is critical because voters in New Hampshire take their responsibility seriously: they listen to the candidates, look them in the eye, ask them tough questions and size them up. In New Hampshire, ideas truly matter more than money and that is precisely why this is anyone's race.

“I look forward to campaigning across New Hampshire during the final weeks of this campaign. I have spent time in living rooms and town halls in every corner of the state and everywhere I go, I hear from voters that they're looking for real, meaningful change in Washington next November. From now until January 8, I look forward to continuing to meet with voters to talk about my plans to shake up Washington and restore the power of government to the hands of regular, hardworking people.”

New Hampshire announces date of Presidential Primary

New Hampshire Secretary-of-State Bill Gardner announced today that New Hampshire will hold its Presidential Primary on January 8th, 2008; two weeks ahead of the Michigan Primary, and five days before the first-in-the-nation Iowa Caucus.

Gardner announced the date that many were expecting after much talk about a December Primary. This announcement so far gives New Hampshire the first-in-the-nation Primary. New Hampshire state law requires it be that way.

Gardner’s decision comes after Michigan's Jan. 15 presidential primary was given the go ahead following a decision early Wednesday by the Michigan Supreme Court. Michigan still remains one of the 2008 campaign's first contests.

The January 8th Primary is the earliest ever. The date resulted after other states around the country scheduled their own early primaries and caucuses to attract candidates before the major party nominees were chosen.

It is now very likely and possible that Democratic and Republican nominees could be chosen by Feb. 5-“Super Tuesday,” when 22 states vote.

New Hampshire has held the first-in-the-nation primary since 1920.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

McCain's Daughter Dates a Paul supporter

So I was rummaging through some of my links that I regularly check. This entry from Meghan McCain made my chuckle. Dated November 13th.


"On a personal note, I went on a pseudo-first date with an ardent Ron Paul supporter. I didn't know that before I agreed to get coffee with him and it was a little awkward... I didn't have the heart to tell him who my Dad was."

Meghan is the daughter of presidential candidate John McCain

Monday, November 19, 2007

Huckabee is Norris Approved!

Mike Huckabee released an email to his supporters saying, "Chuck Norris and I filmed the television spot a few weeks ago. I hope you enjoy it. Reaching new voters and reminding folks that politics doesn't have to be a bloodsport were some of our goals for this first ad. Running for President is serious business, but I am not afraid to have some fun while I am doing it. We also hope this ad will create some buzz about the campaign and draw people to our website to learn more about where I stand on the issues. The media buy we put behind the ad is $60,000."

This TV commercial is his first and will likely air in Iowa.

McCain at Franklin Pierce, National Security Endorsement Monday

In a Speech at Franklin Pierce University yesterday evening John McCain talked about campaigning and the differences between himself and the other presidential candidates, the Arizona Senator often referred to democrat Hillary Clinton.

McCain says it’s likely in his eyes; it will be Hillary Clinton who will gain the democratic nomination. McCain says this round of campaigning is about a matter of respect.

The McCain campaign is calling this major campaign speech a marquee event. The town hall meeting in front of a crowd of more than three hundred will be used in an upcoming commercial.

McCain is in Boston today to recieve what the senator calls, a key National Security Endorsement. The endorsement is expected to come from, former New Jersey Gov. Tom Kean (who also was the co-chairman of the 9/11 Commission) .

John McCain at Franklin Pierce in Rindge, the Speech is included as prepared for delivery

U.S. Senator John McCain delivered remarks to a Town Hall Meeting at Franklin Pierce University in Rindge, New Hampshire today, Sunday, November 18th at 6:15 p.m. EST. Below are McCain's remarks as prepared for delivery:

My friends, we are at last nearing the moment in this long election season when something important happens: the voters get to speak. Until now, the race has been defined by political professionals and pundits, who talk about polls, and money, and ads, and endorsements, and who won debates, and who attacked whom, and all the things that make these campaigns interesting to Washington, and less so to you. Now it's your turn.

In less than two months, the voters of New Hampshire will choose the man or woman they believe should lead this country for the next four years. I trust you to make the right decision about who has the experience, judgment, character and courage to lead this country at a critical hour in our history. It's easy to lose sight of the importance of this election given all the nonsense that seemed to dominate much of its coverage to date. But New Hampshire voters understand our nation faces a truly historic decision that will affect not only America's destiny but the course of human history. We live in momentous times. We face a global threat from enemies for whom no attack is too cruel. The world is changing in profound ways. We need to make those changes work for us and for all people who share our beliefs in free markets and free people. Our government has failed to meet some of its most basic responsibilities and the American people have lost trust i n their leaders. This election is about big things, not small ones. We can't muddle through the next four years, bickering among ourselves, and leave to others the work that is ours to do.

Now the responsibility again falls to the American people to set the course we follow in the years ahead: whether we go forward or backward; whether we fear the future or make history. That is your choice in this election, and it couldn't be a bigger one.

When you make your decision, you must ask yourself two questions: which candidate has the best chance to lead our party to victory; and which is best prepared and most committed to keeping this nation safe, prosperous, and powerful. I believe the answer to both questions is the same. I am that candidate. And I ask for your vote.

I'm the conservative Republican with the best chance of defeating Senator Clinton, or whomever the Democrats nominate, and take on the challenges that confront us. I'm as committed today as when I first put on the uniform of our country to the cause that has been the work of my life: the interests and ideals of our country. I'm no more a perfect servant of my country than I am a perfect human being. But in my years of service, I hope I have proven myself worthy of your trust.

We face formidable challenges, but I'm not afraid of them. I'm prepared for them. I know how the military works, what it can do, what it can do better, and what it should not do. I know how Congress works, how to make it work for the country and not just the re-election of its members. I know how the world works. I know the good and the evil in it. I know how to work with leaders who share our dreams of a freer, safer and more prosperous world, and how to stand up to those who don't. I know how to fight and how to make peace.

If I'm your nominee and Senator Clinton is the nominee of the other party, the country will face as clear a choice as any in recent memory. That's as it should be for such an important election. She will be a formidable candidate. And while our differences are many and profound, I intend this to be a respectful debate. She and I disagree over America's direction, and it is a serious disagreement. But I don't doubt her ability to lead this country where she thinks it should go.

On matters of war and peace, I offer Americans my experience, my personal familiarity with the tragedy of war, deep involvement in all of the national security issues of the last two decades, and steadfast conviction that America cannot afford to relinquish its leadership of the world, and the world can't afford it either.

There comes a time when a President can no longer rely on briefing books and power points, when the experts and advisors have all weighed in, when the sum total of one's life becomes the foundation from which he or she makes the decisions that determine the course of history. No other candidate has my experience or the judgment it informs.

I would never make a judgment about going to war based on whether it was a popular thing to do. I would only make that grave decision were I convinced America's interests and ideals were so threatened that it required the greatest sacrifice our country can make.

And once I decided, I wouldn't surrender when we can still succeed, and accept the terrible consequences that would ensue, because I feared the polls more than history's judgment.

Senator Clinton told General Petraeus that his confidence in his new strategy and in the ability of the troops he has the honor to command required "a willing suspension of disbelief." Now, it becomes clear that General Petraeus was right. For the time being, Senator Clinton has suspended her belief in the abundant evidence of success as her rivals and the fringe of her party pull her toward a position she knows is irresponsible.

I was the only candidate in either party to say we were following a strategy in Iraq that was doomed to failure, and to call for the change that is working today. I took abuse from members of my own party-- some of it pretty tough-- for doing so. And I stuck by it knowing it could hurt my chances for the presidency. I did it for one reason: I would rather lose an election than stay silent and watch my country lose a war. I will always put America's security before politics, always.

One the one hand, Senator Clinton says we can't abandon Iraq to al Qaeda and the influence of Iran. On the other, she wants a firm deadline for withdrawal that would do just that. Senator Clinton rejected unconditional talks with Iran, but now says she would negotiate with no conditions.

As we deal with the threat of a nuclear armed Iran there are many things we can do short of war to prevent Iranians from making that fateful decision. We can strengthen our diplomacy, stand up to the Russians and Chinese, and organize our allies and Iran's neighbors to impose tough economic sanctions that could undermine Iran's economy and unleash popular resentment of the regime that should cause them to reconsider their dangerous ambitions. We can make it very clear to Iran's leaders that we will not allow them to obtain weapons that would destabilize the entire Middle East and threaten America's most vital security interests. Senator Clinton would start with unconditional negotiations, despite Iran's clear record of using negotiations to forestall sanctions and growing international opposition while they accelerate their nuclear program.

I will increase the size of the Army and Marine Corps. For too long we have asked too few to do too much. We have asked our servicemen and women to bid their loved ones goodbye for a third or fourth or fifth combat tour. We need to recruit more Americans willing to defend our country-- and I know there are more if we only ask them-- but for reasons I will never understand, the former Secretary of Defense refused to do so.

To rebuild our military as well as the capabilities of our intelligence and law enforcement agencies; and the capacity of all branches of government to defend us will require some hard choices. We will have to stop the inexcusable growth of government in other areas. Senator Clinton promises to increase the size of the military as well, but she won't make the tough decisions necessary to do it.

I am absolutely committed to reducing the size of government. I've fought against wasteful spending and big government solutions from my first day in Congress. Senator Clinton would preside over another massive increase in the size of government. She'll have Washington assume more of your responsibilities, and raise your taxes to pay for it. She won't address seriously the fiscal crisis of Social Security and Medicare or if she does she'll let congressional Democrats convince her to raise your taxes.

I won't ignore the problem and leave it to another unluckier generation of leaders and I won't raise your taxes. I will work with Congress in an open and sincere way to address these problems, but if at the end of the day, Congress wants to play politics with the issue, I will go to them and the American people, and insist they vote up or down on my proposal. I won't lack the courage to fix our toughest problems and let them become worse on someone else's watch.

I'll take on every special interest in town to finally reform our insanely complicated and punitive tax code. Senator Clinton won't.

Senator Clinton will address the lack of health care insurance in this country by proposing another big government mandate. I'll make health care more accessible by making it more affordable, without ruining the finest quality health care in the world.

Senator Clinton will appoint more judges who believe they should make the American people's political decisions for them. I will appoint judges who take their oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States as seriously as I take mine.

These are some of the essential issues this election will decide. I offer one direction for America. Senator Clinton and her Democratic rivals offer another, a course I believe is absolutely wrong for America and wrong for the world. It is your turn, my friends, to decide who is right. It's a huge responsibility. I know you will take it seriously.

I don't expect you to take our promises on faith. I expect you to listen to us, as New Hampshire voters always do, and then examine our records to determine whether we can be trusted to keep our word to you.

I didn't seek public office to go along to get along. I went to Washington to get something done for the people who sent me there. And since then, I know I've made some people angry.

I made defense contractors angry when I blew the whistle on a $30 billion boondoggle and the culprits were sent to jail.

I upset the special interests and Washington lobbyists when I fought for ethics reform and to stop union bosses and corporations from writing million dollar checks to political campaigns.

I made the Pentagon angry when I called for the resignation of Don Rumsfeld; said we needed a different strategy in Iraq; and a bigger military so that ours sons and daughters didn't have to serve four and five tours in combat zones.

I displeased a lot of the media when I said we couldn't afford to fail in Iraq, and stood by the changes in our strategy that are now showing success.

I made some folks mad when I worked to cut harmful greenhouse emissions because I believe climate change is a real and needs to be addressed now.

I made politicians angry when I called for earmark reform and spending cuts; for government to do its job, not your job; to do it better and with less of your money. I said no to bridges to nowhere and 74 million dollars for peanut storage in a defense spending bill.

Yes, I've made a lot of people angry. But I didn't go to Washington to win the Mr. Congeniality award. I went there to serve my country.

I might not like the business as usual crowd in Washington, and they might not like me. But I love America. I love her enough to make some people angry.

I'm going to put the business as usual crowd out of business-- and make them thank me when I do. I won't only restore your trust. I'll make you proud of your government again. I'm going to keep this country safe, prosperous and powerful. So help me God. And I respectfully ask for your vote to help me do it.

Thank You!

Straight Talk was what we got, with John McCain

Yesterday afternoon, reporters were given the 'Straight Talk' from Senator John McCain from Hillsborough, NH to Rindge, where the Arizona Senator would speak at a 6pm event, about his campaign, respect on the trail, and about the days topics.

I was fortunate to be able to tag along aboard the 'Straight Talk Express' sitting across the table from the Senator even being able to pick his brain, while watching football, and soaking up the short trip from Hillsborough to Rindge. While the senator was also questioned by mainstream media, It is important to mention, I was the only college student on the bus, but I was still taken seriously and given a shot to ask questions.

The trip started in Hillsborough where Senator McCain spoke to a group of individuals at Morse Sporting Goods. The straight talk we received started with an off-the-record conversation, then went straight into the thick of things with questions coming from Ron Claiborne from ABC News. We continued touching on the hot topics; iraq, energy, Barry Bonds' indictment, medical marjiuana, the latest 'push polling,' Senator McCain's christmas list, and even the Arizona Cardinals.

With the 45 minute trip we had plent of time to talk, and watch football.

I was able to ask numerous questions, and have a normal down to earth conversation with Senator McCain. Senator McCain told other 7 reporters/camera men and myself that he enjoys having debates in his town hall meetings; conversations that allow him to go back and forth with the audience.

As of right now, I am editing some video for publication on www.Boston.com, and on www.piercemediagrouponline.com.

First Partner Barbara Richardson to Speak in Rindge


Barbara Richardson, wife of Gov. Bill Richardson, democratic candidate for president, will be speaking at Franklin Pierce University, Tuesday from 2:00 to 2:45 PM, brought to you by the Fitzwater Center for Communication. This is apart of the First Partners Series at Franklin Pierce introducing the partners of presidential candidates to captive audiences.

For more information contact Kristen Nevious, the director of the Fitzwater Center, at 603 899 1039.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Fitzwater Center Rep. on the Straight-Talk Express with Senator McCain

On Sunday, I will join Senator John McCain on the Straight-Talk Express, riding from Keene to Rindge, NH where he will arrive at about 6pm for his event at Franklin Pierce University, where he is expected to take the stage at 6:15.

Reports say the Senator will speak about Corporate responsibility at the Engaging Students, first in the nation event, an event hosted by Franklin Pierce University and the Marlin Fitzwater Center for Mass Communication, and the Fitzwater Connections Program, shared with partner Wartburg College in Waverly, Iowa.

I hope to have exclusive photos, and an exclusive interview with Senator McCain from aboard the Straight-Talk Express. The video will be available here, and on Boston.com following the event. With an exclusive podcast available at www.piercemediagrouponline.com.

The event will be webcast live, and available at www.FranklinPierce.edu

Monday, November 12, 2007

Mike Huckabee in Rindge, NH at Franklin Pierce University

Presidential Candidate Mike Huckabee spoke to students in a student media press conference at Franklin Pierce University prior to speaking amongst other South West New Hampshire natives.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Elizabeth Edwards Labor day weekend in Jaffrey, NH

Iraq war still the most important, Romney and Clinton in general election???

As the beginning of the highly condensed Presidential Primary season approaches the latest Franklin Pierce University/WBZ TV poll shows that likely voters in New Hampshire have settled on a few key candidates. Both Democratic Primary
voters and Republican Primary voters expect Hillary Clinton to win the Democratic
nomination (71% and 59%, respectively), while Mitt Romney (34%) now leads Rudy
Giuliani (25%) and John McCain (8%) within the Republican field. Many Primary voters would still prefer that the New Hampshire Primary follow the Iowa Caucus in January (50%), even as the pressures of a contracted Primary season grow. Only about one-fourth of Primary voters think that the New Hampshire Presidential Primary should be held in advance of the Iowa Caucus.

The Poll also shows that The Iraq war remains the most important issue for all likely voters, although it is more important among Democratic Primary voters. Healthcare is the second most important for Democractic Voters.

Brownback endorses McCain

Senator Sam Brownback of Kansas in an email to McCain supporters said "This morning, I flew to Iowa to join and endorse my friend, John McCain, for President of the United States. John McCain is a true American hero and I'm proud to stand with him today."

Brownback who met with Governor Mitt Romney, and Mayor Rudy Giuliani believes that Mcain, "is the only candidate who can rally the Reagan coalition of conservatives, Independents, and conservative Democrats needed to defeat Hillary Clinton or any other Democrat in the general election next year."

In the email publicly endorsing his former rival senator, Browback said, "While I respect all of the Republicans running for president this year, John McCain is the only choice to lead our country in the global fight against Islamic fundamentalism. He has the experience, the knowledge, and the courage for this fight. He alone among the candidates for President recognized years ago that our strategy in Iraq was failing and had the guts to call for change. We need that leadership in the White House."

Citing a lifetime standing up for human rights around the world, including a consistent 24 year pro-life record of protecting the rights of the unborn, Brownback said, "We do not have to abandon our principles of life, faith and family to defeat the Democrats next fall; we can stand with John McCain."

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Kucinich popular face in New England media market

Outside of New England, Dennis and Elizabeth on the CBS Early Show

Dennis did an interview for WCVB TV, with Boston news anchor Natalie Jacobson. This will be broadcast on Hearst-Argyle affiliates around the country, including WMUR. We'll let you know when it's due to air.

Dennis appeared on Arnie Arneson's hot political show, "Political Chowder" this week. The show goes out to cable access stations around the state, and can also be seen on google video.